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The MA-ADV Adventure tyres offer excellent handling and reliable grip in all driving situations. This 80/20 (Road/Off-Road) tyre is Maxxis’ first offering in Adventure line-ups. The dual-compound designs ensure high stability and more mileage while retaining high performance.

  • Large tread blocks with wide grooves provide excellent water dispersion and wet traction
  • Dual-compound designed to enhance mileage while retaining handling performance
  • Excellent combination of tyre construction and tread design provides great straight-line handling and stability
  • Optimised pattern design around shoulder area creates large contact patch for superior cornering and smooth turning transition
  • Full silica high-grip compound and enhanced structure make excellent wet and dry grip
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The all-new Maxxcross MX-IH tyre range provides superior performance and traction on hard terrain while maintaining long wear life!

  • NEW tread and compound designed specifically for intermediate – hard conditions.
  • NEW rubber compound delivers increased performance and durability in hard conditions.
  • NEW Lightweight carcass construction and a strong sidewall virtually eliminates tyre roll sensation through corners.
  • The pentagon knob design and half-shoulder knobs with stagger grooves increase cornering control and rider feel in intermediate – hard conditions.
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The all-new Maxxcross MX-SI tyre range provides superior performance and traction in soft terrain while maintaining long wear life in loose-over-hard conditions.

  • NEW tread pattern and race-proven rubber compound delivers excellent traction in soft-intermediate riding conditions.
  • NEW rubber compound delivers increased performance and durability in intermediate conditions.
  • NEW anti-flex bridges on side knobs offer solid straight-line stability and enhanced grip for aggressive cornering.
  • NEW lightweight pliable carcass design improves ride comfort, impact absorption and rider feel.
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MAXXIS Stubby Coolers


MAXXIS Racing Stubby Cooler

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MAXXIS Racing T-Shirt | Grey / Orange

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MAXXIS Racing T-Shirt | Black / Orange

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MAXXIS Clear Water Bottle

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MAXXIS SnapBack | Black/Orange Design

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